Crime And The Punishments For Crime Essay

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There is a lot of people in society who are fascinated with crime, the criminals associated with those crimes, as well as the punishments that courts hand down for those crimes. This interest in real life crime steams from all the press coverage of the crime as well as television shows and movies. Now criminology is the study of the extent, causes, nature, and preventions of a criminal behavior. When someone commits a crime, society is usually not involved with the process. However, they have a strong desire to watch and/or read about it. “However crime is not a clear-cut or static phenomenon” (Marsh & Melville, 2006, pg. 2). In earlier centuries, crime and the punishments for crime were viewed very differently than that of today. The punishments for the crimes would vary depending on the social reactions. There are three methods to describe crime causation and the effect on human behavior. Those methods are biological, sociological, and psychological with each having a link to one another.
Biological theory in criminology states that people in society are more susceptible to commit a violent crime due to their inherited gene or brain disorders that would normally prevent someone from carrying out such an act. The main point of the theory is all of our behavior, feelings, and thoughts stem from our biology (Marsh & Melville, 2006). According to Crossman (2015), “Biological theories of deviance see crime and deviant behavior as a form of illness caused by pathological factors…

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