Crime And Intellectual Property Section Essay

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laws, they have not had enough time to develop the ability and resources to carry it through on their own successfully yet.
The law enforcement agencies that are part of the investigation include local law enforcement, the FBI, the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, and Internet Complaint Center 3. The first step for any victims is to notify your local law enforcement agency to let them know what has happened and they will help determine what other agencies need to be notified. The victim or any third party can report the crime online to the Internet Complaint Center 3. The Internet Complaint Center will take all the information about the crime for the FBI. The FBI will conduct the investigation and contact other agencies, such as The Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, as needed for additional assistance. The Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section works with international agencies to detect computer crimes. The Domestic Security Alliance Council, along with The Department of Homeland Security, can only function in The United States to get the word out to other citizens and businesses about cyber crimes to help stop them from becoming victims. The local law enforcement agency is limited by only being able to take a report and forward the information to the proper agency. The Internet Complaint Center 3 is limited to only receiving a report of the offense and storing the information to be retrieved by the FBI. The FBI is…

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