Crime and Deviance Essay

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Crime and Deviance from a
Sociological and Psychological assessment:

The sociology of deviance is the sociological study of deviant behavior, or the recognized violation of cultural norms. Cultural Norms are society's propensity towards certain ideals; their aversion from others; and their standard, ritualistic practices. Essentially the 'norm' is a summation of typical activities and beliefs of group of people.
There are various Sociological deviance theories, including Structuralist: why do some people break the rules? , Marxists: who makes the rules, and who benefits from their enforcement?, and Interactionist: How did this person become processed (labeled) as a deviant? Sociology asserts that deviance is problematic, yet
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Apart from the diagnosis of the causes of deviant behavior, biological and psychological investigations have contributed significantly to the profiling and tracking of offenders. The deterministic nature of these approaches raises interesting questions about our responsibility for our actions.

"It is obviously impossible for criminality to be inherited as such, for crime is defined by acts of legislature and these vary independently of the biological inheritance of the violators of the law" (Sutherland & Cressey 1924)


A person would be considered to be acting deviantly in society if they are violating what the significant social norm in that particular culture is. What causes humans to act certain ways is a disputed topic among researchers for some time now. There are three types of researchers that have tried to answer this question. There is the psychological answer, biological answer, and the sociological answer. With all of the studies that have been performed, no one group has come up with an exact reason to why people behave deviantly. Although, sociologists' theories have not been disproved as often as the psychologists' and biologists' theories because their experiments are too hard to define and no one definition for deviance is agreed upon by all experimenters (Pfuhl, 40). The most knowledge acquired for why people act deviantly is from the sociological perspective. There is need for more

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