Crime And Criminal Justice System Essay

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According to Reed and Shaw (2012), advances in technology has enabled crime and

criminal justice portrayal in the media to become widespread over the past few decades. As a

result, most of what people know about the criminal justice system is derived from the media

especially through entertainment television. From books to daily news reports to crime dramas such as Criminal Minds, Americans are fascinated with “unsubs”, criminals, and the legal process (Parker, 2013). Even at a time in American television history when crime rates were falling, crime stories were the most frequent topic of network news at a rate of 1,137 stories per year (Beale, 2006). Since public knowledge of crime and the criminal system is largely obtained from the media, how it is portrayed may sway public views about criminals and the professionals who enforce the law. In fact, 81% of respondents to a study revealed that their views about crime is based on what they have seen or heard on the news. The following paper will explore how the justice system is portrayed in the media as well how it influences attitudes and fears about crime. Dowler (2003) contends that mass media plays an important role in the, “construction of criminality and the criminal justice system”. In the media, especially on television, criminals an the criminal justice system are portrayed either fictionally or non-fictionally. Either can shape the public’s beliefs and attitudes about average crimes and criminals including…

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