Cricket Is The Most Famous Outdoor Game Essay

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Cricket Game
Cricket is the most famous outdoor game played between two teams commonly loved by people of all races. Indians and Pakistanis love this game a lot as it’s a good and relaxing game. Just like football and any other sports cricket also has its set of rules that one needs to know and follow when playing or if you want to watch this game. I once went to watch this game and I found it to be interesting after learning the rules and regulations. What is cricket and what are its rules? I will walk you step by step in understanding on the rules and how you can enjoy playing cricket.
Cricket is usually known to be bat and ball game meaning that at any given time the key players will be the batsman and bowler. Just like any other sport you have to compete with someone, in cricket we have two teams of 11 players on each side of the team. When I first watched this game I kept asking myself why the bowler has to run a short distance before throwing the ball to the batsman. And why did the batsman cover the stumps (wicket) from being attack as this was the main aim of the batsman? These are some of the rules that make this game a great game to watch as I will explain below.
The batsman
The main aim of the batsman always tries to cover the wickets (these are a set of wooden sticks that are mainly found behind the batsman) and smash the ball with his bat. Another thing I observed keenly was that the batsman always tries to smash the ball with his bat as far as…

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