Cricket As A Master Blaster

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Cricket is a sport that generates an extensive range of reaction from sports fans. Among those who are a part of more exciting athletic customs, cricket is unfortunately seen as a tedious game. However, to its abundant number of fans, cricket is seen as a worldwide sport which validates sportsmanship and athletic skill. The game of cricket has established a prodigious history that has shaped it into the prevalent sport that is it today. The game of cricket itself is thought to have been played as early as the 13th century, however, did not progressively grow acceptance until the 18th century. It was at that time that cricket was named the sanctioned sport of England, being the preferred leisure activity among the privileged class. With England generating this widespread leisure game, one would question England’s physical education and fitness philosophies for cricket, as well as other sports in the country’s area. Sports play a prominent role in England as cricket, …show more content…
Tendulkar was introduced to cricket at age 11, and was only 16 years of age when he became India’s youngest Test cricketer. In 2005, he became the first cricketer to score 100 runs in a single inning in Test play. Tendulkar took home the World Cup with his team in 2011, and concluded his record breaking career in 2013 (“Sachin Tendulkar,” n.d.). Shahid Afridi, is a Pakistani specialized cricketer, the current captain of the franchise Peshawar Zalmi, and the former captain of the Pakistan T20 national team. Considered as a legend in Pakistani cricket history, Afridi is viewed as one of the greatest big-hitting cricketers of all time. He also holds a personal best of taking most wickets and most player-of-the match awards in Twenty20 International cricket, a form of cricket played between two of the top members of the International Cricket Council (“Shahid Afridi,”

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