Essay about Crescent Case

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A. Segmentation and Targeting
When Looking at what market should be targeted the thing that stuck out most was there is not a healthy alternative for energy drinks. Most of these drinks are full of high fructose corn syrup and loaded with extreme amounts of caffeine. Crescent give the consumers a healthy alternative to this option. The trend these days is towards more organic and healthier choices. Crescent is just that. It gives the option for a healthy version of an energy drink which is much needed. The Energy Drink market is growing at a much faster rate than the sport drink market as well as the fitting into a much better price point for marketing. With the market for these energy drink being on average $2.99 the price of $2.75 for
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This is figured by taking the selling price per can and minusing the cost per can. Which would bring the profit of 22 cents per can and a case of 24 would bring the profit to $5.28 per case. You would then take that number and divide it by the Price per case of $29.76 which would give you 18% profit.
D. Breakeven
To match the national level of marketing it would require putting in 6.66 times the budget that it took to market 15% which would be a total marketing budget of 5 million dollars. With a Total budget of 5 Million dollars it would take selling 946970 Cases of Crescent to break even on the National Level. To address the break-even market share for energy would be .07% of the Market Share. This is figured by taking the Market of 9.58 Billion dollars and dividing that by the Marketing budget of 5 Million Dollars.
E. Recommendation
The factors that should be used to determine positioning are, Similarities in competitors, Forecast of market increase, pricing of products and marketability of product. I would Recommend Marketing Crescent as an organic energy drink. This would apply to a large number of people and would give a different option to the Energy Drinks that are currently on the market. This product could increase the consumers ideas of what energy drinks are; especially focusing on bringing up the areas of healthiness, hydration and natural. With these area’s only having the highest percentage at 11% Crescent would be a great product to diversify the

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