Essay on Creon 's Power Struggles With The Crown

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Creon and his power struggles with the Crown In Greek mythology, Antigone by Sophocles there were two leading characters Creon and Antigone. Creon was a king of Thebes, he was a tyrant who likes to enforce his laws on people. On the other and Antigone was the daughter and sister of Oedipus. A tragic hero is a character with noble and heroic qualities, who obligates an action and make a mistake which him/her downfall or destruction. In Antigone Creon demonstrated as a tragic hero in this play, he believes that he can’t ever be wrong. His stubbornness and hubris makes him failing at the end of the play. At first Sophocles explains that Creon has been just a leader, who manage laws and punishments very well. But he fails because of he didn’t thought of how bad he dealing with conflicts until Tiresias’s prophecy. Creon suffers greatly, he was a tragic hero in Antigone and he learns lesson. “Creon as well as the antagonism between divine law and the codified law of state. That Sophocles’ intended to depict conflict at another level that of the individual and the polis, is implied in his depiction of Creon as a ruler who came to identify the state with himself” (Para.1 by James P. Holoka). In article Sophocles, Pericles and Creon, author Holoka defined that Creon made his own laws and enforce it on others, Sophocles defined Creon character like this because from these conflicts we would be a given a name of tragic hero and from his mistake he will learn lesson. Creon didn’t…

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