Credit Card And Credit Cards Essay

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Every company is always thinking about how they can maximize their total earnings, and credit card companies are no different. While students may be one of the better targets for this because the majority don’t have credit cards and are low on funds; they also are some of the ones in most danger of overspending with not being knowledgeable. Even though this is the case, I think if the credit card companies are doing this in a more transparent and informative way than normal credit card signups, it is not a wrong thing to do, especially with added benefits. But, to go on a campus to do this, they should be required to teach the students that they are allowing to sign up for the credit card the pros and cons of having a credit card while not having a large amount of money.

I know I was born in a household that was not very open with their accounting, so I personally never learned about the workings of credit cards until I was 23 years old and did some research on my own. Having grown up under the impression that no credit was better than bad credit, I realized how wrong I was once I really started to look into it and talk to other people as well as with credit card companies. It would be hard to believe that there are not many other people who are in similar situations to I found myself at that age, and I know I would have benefited from learning about a lot of the bonus points or other perks for having a card would be. Had I been presented with the opportunity to get taught…

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