Credible Sources Online Essay

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The topic I have chosen for this assessment is whether or not following a Paleolithic diet is really good for us. The basis of the Paleolithic diet is that if our prehistoric hunter-gather ancestors didn’t eat it, that we shouldn’t either. The sources I have chosen to use include informational articles found at (, a Uwire text/article - (, a YouTube video and its comments (, and a forum on as another social source …show more content…
I initially selected this article as it was sourced through Swinburne Library, as I was looking for an article that was fact based. There are again references to benefits of eating Paleo, and comments from a registered dietician and nutritionist to back up the claims that the diet is in fact good for us. The article is current (2014), and appears to be objective, without the presence of anything to sell, and no hidden motive for it having been written, which as stated by Metzger (2007), are some of the signs of a credible source of information. Unfortunately the actual author’s name is not available, but I would consider this to be an academic source given the above reasons, and also that the publishers address and details are readily available. The source had an academic tone to the language used, and I learnt more about my topic through this articles simplistic and summarised layout of information which was backed up by Nutritionists and a Professor.
Another source I found was a YouTube video and its comments, entitled “Is the Paleo Diet Good or Bad? Paleo Diet & Weight Loss Explained”. I found this video through conducting a YouTube search on my topic and scrolling through result to looking a reliable source. This source is an example of Social Constructivism, as I have mainly focused on the comment of the video as a way of learning from social discussions. I was able to learn new

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