Creativity Is The Core Of Advertising Industry Essay

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Creativity is considered the core of advertising industry. More often, creativity is perceived as the spark of the moment. Hegarty (2011) argue that there is nothing called creative process and the unpredictability is what makes advertising industry exciting. Creativity is a surprise and a motivation. Hegarty (2011) stresses on how important for creativity to be a surprise and in that way, “there is a good chance you’ll be successful and continue being successful”. However, academic interests have proved that creativity is not a mystery. Creativity is a process of problem solving.
It is important to define what creativity is. According to Griffiths (2008), creativity is a mental journey between ideas or concepts that involves either a novel route or a novel destination. Within the definition, Griffiths has proved creativity is a process. Graham (1926) investigates the creative process and believes that human brains go through four stages of preparation, incubation, illumination and verification whenever generating ideas. Up to now, Wallas creative process model is still among the most popular ones that unfold the creativity.
Looking closer to the creative process, particularly creative process in advertising, Hill & Johnson (2004) refers a 13-point stage process as the advertising delineation communication and response process (APDCR). It is proved that from the start to the end, it is a long procedure to create a need-satisfying product.
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