Creative Writing: The Red Beryl

She threw a terrified glance over her shoulder and raced toward her convertible standing beside the curb. She leaped into it, slammed the door, and I heard the car start and then it started to move away But thanks to my speed I got to its side.
I grabbed the side of the windshield and pulled my shelf on the hood. I jumped up over the windshield and landed in the passenger seat. In almost the same movement, I reached down and yanked the emergency brake.
The girl had pulled a gun on me. I grabbed her hand and pushed it forward towards the windshield. The loud noise flooded the street. She jerked the trigger twice, missing both times. But adding new decoration to her windshield. She struggled to get free, twisting her arm and screaming.
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Private Investigator. 8888 Duval Street Nethertown and my phone number.
“I’ve heard of you,” she said, “But I’m not going to turn the Red Beryl in for the reward, I’ve got to save my husband!”
A sound of sob came from her throat. She looked younger and sad suddenly.
“You mean you’re going to hand the stones over to Rondo Opak?”
“Yes, they’re holding Ray. If I don’t give them the Red Beryl, they’ll kill him.”
“How did you know the stones were in the park?”
“Ray got away and threw them there from a car window. Then they caught him again, and tortured him to make him talk. I don’t know what he said exactly. But they got in touch with me a half hour ago, on the phone. Ray, they said, had told them he’d hidden the Red Beryl in a place were he proposed to me. I knew he must mean this park, by the row of bushes by the statue, so I came and looked.”

I nodded. “What did they tell you to do if you found the Red Beryl?”
“Drive along Harrison Road at ten tonight. Stop when it dead ends. They’re going to meet me, and release Ray when I give them the stones.”
“How do you know they’ll keep their word?”
“I don’t. It’s a chance I’ve got to take.” Her voice
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They’ll kill him—as soon as they find the stones aren’t here.”
I nodded and she clutched me desperately.
“Those Red Beryl were here. My brother wouldn’t lie. Somebody must have found them in the park and put those pebbles in the bag. Now they’ll never be found, I’d better tell the police. It’s the only thing left to do.”
I was silent for a moment, then I said: “Police is a good Idea but not yet. I think your best chance is to bluff them. Meet them at ten, and pretend to hand over the stones. I’ll help you.”
I didn’t say how. But I might have to become what I've tried so hard to keep away. But at this moment I was wondering about her husband and those green pebbles.

“Why don't you come to my Office,” I added. “You can wait there till it’s time to drive along Harrison Road. I’m going to have a talk with the Dragon Lady. You say you think it was Opak who got in touch with you. I want to get a few more details.”
Vivian nodded. “I can't think of anything else to do. I'll go with your plan. Just please save Ray.”
I directed her to my office, drove behind her in my own car, and had her wait while I went in search of the Dragon Lady. It was only a little after nine. I decided to knock. Not sure

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