Creative Writing: The First Raindrop

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In slow motion perception, the first raindrop falls alone, leaving the dark depressing clouds hanging overhead. A thunderous impregnated boom unleashes a showery hoard stalking the alone raindrop as if it was a manhunt chasing a wanted man through an Iowa cornfield. All things are captured within the watery pearl, as it plummets opposite to a Dicksboro apartment building, where people are seen through their noirish ledged windows performing their daily rituals and routines; similar to advent calendar icons, but without the cheer. It travels like a shadow passenger in a car, noticing every stranger in a vehicle, making their obtrusive expressions without knowing that someone is watching, more misshapen with the magnification distortion. It passes a woman gazing out towards the urban landscape, focusing on the fire escape stairs, rusted, and forgotten. Her eyes painfully close from the sharp beginnings of an inflamed thought. A red neon light sign ''sizzler" from outside is turned on, shocking her eyes back open. Instantly, it is captured by the aqua lens, synced in each moment of the closing and …show more content…
Without delay the rest of the rain follows. Clementine stood still getting drenched by the rain, a witness to the creation of puddles. The ripples made her angry. To her they were phantom vibrations of an invisible laughter that filled her with shame and rage within the confinements of the pale lime coloured hallways of her memory.
Standing only a few feet away from the building where she clenched her left fist, and realised the tension to free her fingers and to relax her thoughts, about what happened only a few hours

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