Creative Writing: The Final Game

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The Final Game It was sunny San Diego, California. The grass was cut perfectly and that was the moment I knew it was our time! Mmmm... It was the day after Thanksgiving and was time to play in the semi-finals where everything mattered.
My coach said, “ You know what ladies, this is our time. Let’s show California what Broomfield soccer team got! Now huddle up.”
Our captain, Zoey said, “ Play your hearts out we got this! Blast on 3!”
“ 1, 2,3 Blast!” everyone screamed.
The whistle blew and all the sweat, tears and blood was all about to come. We we’re playing California FC Legends, a very hard working, physical, tough team. Not just 60 minutes, the most important 60 minutes I’ve ever played. The refs were terrible, they would call everything even if we went shoulder to shoulder, they would call it. My team had so many shots on goal but they all went straight to the goalie, same with the other team. Shooting straight to
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Keep shooting, hit it like you mean it!” I yelled.
At that moment, I was playing left back and it was about three minutes before the 1st half ended.
“Tweeeeeeeeet” the lousy ref blew his whistle.
“ Alright ladies, we are playing good but, we need to make sure we don’t stab at the ball and apply lot’s of pressure to this team.” Mark, one of my coaches said.
“ Ladies…” as he laid out cones of our positions, “We are going to play a three, four, three.” meaning we are going to play three back, four in the midfield, and three up top. “We have to play together, there is no one on our team that is going to win it all by herself, we have to play hard and work together!” Jeff, my other coach said.
My face was as red as a tomato from the sun beaming on my face. Second half was about to start, I was playing a left center back. When my coach said we we’re playing good… that was when I knew, we had to play our hearts out, we had to play great, no… fantastic.
“ Alright ladies, give it your all, there is no fear.” Ally

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