Creative Writing - Original Writing Essay

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Creative Writing

I needed to escape hell and it was now, or never. Within seconds my father was already on to me, the one who created this miserable hell, had me in his grasp this whole time. The brass bells banged and clanged across the courtyard. Guards, on high alert, stood at each exit creating an impenetrable wall. I was surrounded and there was no way out of hell. I had to resort to desperate measures, it involved jumping off a five-storey mansion into a bale of hay. A die-or-do moment which seemed to slowed down time. I closed my eyes, held my breath, and took a leap of faith.

My transient dream; in which I lived a perfect life with an indescribably, beautiful woman, undisturbed and safeguarded from misery, was dispelled. Blood roared in my ears, each pump felt like a hammer pounding my head. Blurry and grey images flashed one by one but they were too unrecognisable. I struggled to open my eyes and was greeted by the clock which displayed “quarter to eleven”. I clenched my fist with an attempt to disable the dreaded alarm clock, but missed completely. It resulted with my wrist impacting on the corner of the quaint-looking desk. I screamed with pure agony; the excruciating pain that I felt allowed me to perceive that the dream, that I started to forget, was forever gone – or so I thought.

Other than the fact that I may have just broken my wrist, I noticed that the room looked unfamiliar - I yawned and battled with the soft duvet. My breath did not reek of alcohol…

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