Creative Writing: Medieval Way Of Inflicting Pain

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“All I know is that I am getting scared by the second in this horrible place with your scary face all over it,” She responded.
Donald’s laughter was full of sarcasm. He moved to the extreme end of the room and brought out a bag and laid it beside Karsen on the bed. He smiled and looked at her face with an evil grin.
“Miss Karsen, over the centuries humans have developed different ways of inflicting pain on each other. Each civilization has its own unique way of torturing. Should I say am a fan of the Medieval style Miss Karsen?”
Donald opened the bag and brought out an arrow.
“Miss Karsen, you see, a few touches in sensitive spots from this ar-row can be, hummmm, deadly.” Donald placing emphasis on the “Deadly” to send a message to Karsen.
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please, I don’t know what you’re talking about please.”
Karsen was able to manage this utterance between her cry.
Donald, smiling with an evil grin, yet again said: “What were you doing with that time traveler?”
Karsen was confused and asked: “Time traveler? What time traveler? And what does that even mean?”
Donald answered.
“I am talking about your new boyfriend, Donovan, young lady. Now answer me before things get more painful!” Donald roared.
Suddenly a shot rang out from outside the room. Bang! Bang! A few more shots pierced the silence of the air outside. Donald panicked.
“Seems like somebody found us,” Karsen said.
A visibly confused Donald reached for his side arm, an Italian made Beretta. He quickly removed the gun’s safety. Donald unbolted and then opened the door.
A huge mistake, which cost him his life, for a shot caught him right in the head as he attempted to check on what was causing the shootings outside. He stumbled back into the room and fell with a heavy thud. Blood splashing all over the metal door. A lasting silence engulfed the whole place. The silence lasted but a minute, but it seemed to last forever in Karsen’s mind.
She knew it must be Donovan, yet her skeptical mind made her ques-tion her chances of surviving this

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