Creative Writing: Mean Birds

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MEAN SISTERS A sweet tropical aroma invades my nostrils as my family follows the meandering path through the dry tropical rainforest in Punta Cana to a freshwater cove. As a leaf falls from above us, we hear some rustling in the trees overhead. “Did you hear that?” mentions my sister Courtney. “Hear what? The birds chirping in the trees?” Sara, my other sister, responds. “Very funny! I thought I heard an unusually …show more content…
But my dad quickly chases me and picks me up. Squeezing me tightly in a comforting bear hug, he comforts me.
Laughing hysterically, my sisters shoot me sharp looks of disgust. “Why are you so scared? It's just a whip snake!” states Courtney.
Sara agrees but only nods.
My mom chirps in, “That was a big one, but they are harmless, Bryson.”
“Ugggg! That thing was disgusting! I hate the way it had its head up like it was going to bite me! And it was all squiggly.”
“Get over it,” Courtney mutters.
Eventually, we arrive at the magical cove. Warm and refreshing, crystal clear water washes away all our sweat and irritation with each other. My dad takes me to the top of one of the cascading waterfalls, and we leap into the crystalline waters below whooping and hollering! Diving down is more fun than eating birthday cake and chocolate-chip-cookie-dough ice cream for breakfast.
At the end of the day, as the tropical sunset fills the vibrant sky hues of magenta, scarlet, purple, violet, and dark orange, I pat my sister Courtney on her sunburned shoulder and say, “You know, it’s okay that you were too scared to jump off the waterfall today. Our fears are what make us

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