Personal Narrative-I Hate Nissans

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I hate Nissans

“The keys stuck, we are going to be here forever ever ever ever,” is what I was thinking while we were stuck in the walmart parking lot. For our summer break we were stayIng at my mom's really good frIends house for vacatIon. We were stayIng for 4 days. The best part Is she lIves In florIda and my mom says she has a nIssan 350 z, but I don't know If I can belIeve. How could I belIeve her when It somethIng as amazIng as a nissan 350 z. I walk Into the garage and see the car of my dreams. Yeh its a nissan 350z but do you know what's better than a nissan 350 z… a convertible nissan 350 z! Once I ask my mom, she says I can sit in it. The seats are so comfortable and it sits so low to the ground, amazing.

My says we need to get
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When we came out we went and sat back in the car. After about a half hour of my mom texting someone on her phone she puts the key in… Wrong. I already know she did it so i just wait for the “umm Drew…” and finally it come along with some other angry/depressed comments. So i go in and get some tweezers, then some plyers and then after that a gatorade (unrelated to the problem, we were just thirsty). After hours of pulling and pulling… and pulling we call our friends. They aren’t mad and they are on their way. After that my mom calls a locksmith and they say half an hour. Half an hour later our friends are unsuccessfully trying to find the store, and the locksmith calls and says another 2 hours.Then the best feeling in the world hits me when are friends pull into the parking lot. They come and try to pull the key out but they pull to hard and pull the ignition cover off, stressing us all out. They then call AAA and start waiting.

Finally i go home while my mom waits for AAA. She calls and tells us that she is ok. She said that AAA came and pryed the key out. Feeling of joyfulness pour over me like the rain from earlier in the day.While i was playing Uncharted 4 I hear the garage door open. We run to the door and watch a pretty marvelous convertible Nissan 350 z pull into the garage, good as

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