Creative Writing: Grayson Banners

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It has been six years since they left. It especially tore Grayson Banners apart knowing that he had betrayed someone. When the Great Knowledge had created them, he gave them a conscious. This was a feat itself, that you could create a conscious in someone. No one really knew how they came to be, but all Grayson knew was that they came from the Great Knowledge. Grayson and everyone had disobeyed the Great Knowledge. Well, after this happened they were sent away from their homes, and forced to live a worse life.
After they had left their home, many people emerged and fought for positions. They acted like wolves, sometimes killing, and always embarrassing their opponent. Grayson could never understand why they fought, but the champions always
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They had dug holes, so that the temperature will stay consistent. They were musty, and dank, but Grayson choose to give it no mind. Of course clans lived all together all over the land. Grayson rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and walked out of his hole. He went to the center of the camp, but saw nobody. At first he thought that they were still sleeping, but as he went to hole after hole, he knew that they weren’t there anymore. He ran to edge of the forest that the fanatics reside in, and saw smoke of the horizon. He knew he must have missed the call. As he ran towards the smoke, he could hear the battles howls and chants from the victorious clan. He was always appalled by the way the victorious clan mocks the not so fortunate clan, but he had no time to be disgusted. You see, one of the things that the Fanatics would do, was to help any leftover people from the desolated clan heal and restore. Clans would rise and fall, but the fanatics were always there. Grayson ran all the way to the smoke to find a barren wasteland. The territory that they were in used to belong to terra clan. They were the poor and impoverished clan. Grayson ran to find Ayla his crush. Ayla was stunningly gorgeous. She had deep blue eyes, with pops of brown and green scattered through the iris. She was obviously tired from helping …show more content…
The ash clan was already in the forest around the terra camp. As Grayson was running mowed over a person. He got up and saw the person’s eyes. He immediately realized that it was Ayla.
“Grayson follow me!” She demanded.
Flustered he followed her. They were entering the camp.
“Uhh, Ayla, I don’t think is a good idea.” he said.
“Shh” She remarked.
They were watching the ash clan rumble through what was left of the camp.
“Those dirty fanatics were here. I heard them helping the survivors.” said an ash member.
“What did we do?” asked Grayson to Ayla.
Immediately Grayson knew that he had made a mistake. The ash members came and grabbed Grayson and Ayla. He struggled to get out of the ash member’s grasp, but he finally did. He started to run away. As he was sprinting he looked back. All he could see was Ayla’s eyes.
“Let him go.” said the ash member who used to be holding Grayson.
Grayson ran until he couldn’t and he stopped and sat on a tree. He still couldn’t get Ayla’s eyes out of his head. Steadily, he got up to return to finish the journey to his hole, but he had a epiphany. He didn’t know what came over him, but he started running back to Ayla. He was going to fight for what was right, no matter the

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