Creative Writing: Elie Wiesel's Night

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The night air had been hot and thick around them, it was a summer's night, and the moon shone brightly above. The both of them had been standing on the balcony together, lively.
It was a few nights before the incident, Lumière and Cogsworth were both fifteen. Correction, Lumière was fifteen, Cogsworth was on the cusp of being sixteen. And Cogsworth had been admittedly less stout when they were so young. Lumière's fiery orange hair was strung in a ponytail, which clung to his neck in the heat, while his brown eyes sought out the sight of stars above. Meanwhile, Cogworth's own hair was curly and light brown, and clung to his forehead unfashionably. Cogsworth's own brown eyes were looking at the balcony before they averted to Lumière when the
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Lumière started to run. He was sure the enchantress didn't even see him, but running seemed a good option at the threat. Lumière made ran down the hall and stopped at the first door he saw, quickly opening it and rushing in, the candelabra in his hand lighting the room. A groan escaped from the bed in the room.
“Is it morning already?” the familiar british voice mumbled from his bed. It was Cogsworth.
“No- no, not at all. Cogsworth, we’re going to be turned into objects!” Lumière said, fear evident in his voice. Cogsworth finally sat up out of his bed, his hair messy and everywhere.
“What?” he said quickly, looking to Lumière, who set the candelabra onto the night stand instead of continuing to hold it.
“Prince Adam has angered a witch! She’s cursed him and she’s cursing us! She’s going to turn us into objects!” Lumière cried again, waving his hands. Suddenly he stopped, moving his hand closer to him. He examined it, his heart beat fast with panic. His fingers looked too pale, waxy. His hand was turning into wax. And suddenly there was a ticking. A loud, melodic ticking of a clock. He looked to Cogsworth in fear, the briton looking to himself in confusion. The sound was coming from

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