Creative Writing : An Extraordinary Woman By Maya Angelo Essay

1011 Words Mar 25th, 2016 5 Pages
Creative Writing became more of a challenging course then I expected. Throughout the writing process I found it difficult to write things which could be more relatable. My goal was to write each piece with some type of relatable aspect for someone else. I found this difficult because, the direction each piece of writing took, was different from what my thoughts were. I would have created writings which were more of a fantasy world, however, I did want the story to be believable for people who do not like fantasy. I felt it would be appropriate for me to place each writing in the order I wrote. First, the poem titled, To Be an Extraordinary Woman. This poem was inspired by “Phenomenal Woman” written by Maya Angelo. I took the first line from Phenomenal Woman and placed it as the first line in my poem. I wanted this piece to show the different difficulties I usually have with other women. Along with showing this aspect I made sure to show my own confidence. The poem inspires to be confident without worrying about what other people think of you. Throughout the revising process of this poem I found the style I used was something I wanted to keep. I did change the structure of the poem. I placed it in a freestyle structure. I did to keep the language which was used throughout the poem. This way they reader can see how I am talking. My first draft was titled confidant woman. This was changed do to the fact I changed a lot of repeating of the word confident. I wanted to use a…

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