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Creative Spark Talk Analysis Do Schools Kill Creativity? This is a very interesting question. It was presented and I think, very brilliantly answered by Sir Kenneth Robinson in February 2006 at an official TED Talks Conference. Sir Robinson is a speaker, author, and international advisor on education in the arts to government, education, non-profits, and art-bodies. In his rather inspirational yet stirring speech Robinson addresses the issue of the dampening of creativity in schools.
Kenneth Robinson and the Stages of Creativity As stated in “The Art of Thinking” concerning the first stage in the stages of creativity, not all challenges are obvious (Ruggiero, 2012). I think that Robinson did a great job presenting a challenge that most people
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When it comes to curiosity and imagination it is fear that holds us back. The fear that someone will judge us or scold us for our questions and ideas can lead to the loss of creativity over time. Robinson alluded to this when he said that adults are far less creative than children. He said the idea was to produce people like himself professors. While professors are lovely people they are not the only type of people who can be successful and who are needed. Imagination should be nurtured and by not taking creative education seriously we are teaching our children that we don’t think that creativity is …show more content…
Growing up we are all taught to “Get a real job”. Anytime that we did anything creative it was seen as slacking off. I think from my perspective this hindered me from exploring a writing career like I wanted as a child. I always imagined myself writing books and creating stories and I still have quite a few poems and short stories around. There were no classes in any of my schools that nurtured creative writing and participated in active writing classes. The closest thing we had to creative writing was English which really didn’t focus much on the creative aspect of writing. This presentation would benefit society as a whole if more educators and legislators paid attention to it. I believe that if we allow children from an early age to explore their creative side I believe they would be more prepared for whatever happens in the

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