Creative Piece Of William Shakespeare 's ' Kill A Mockingbird '

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Creative Piece ~ To Kill A Mockingbird

~ Additional Chapter ~

After the tragic case that struck Maycomb – misery was spread, people became less social, and less talkative. Maycomb was built over a dominion tradition that would last for generations. There was a social tension between whoever favors colors over justice, people became furious about their segregation. the public started to understand Atticus’s point and how Maycomb needs a new era of peace and justice. As long as the Ewells and whoever back them up are alive, this tragic style of life will remain. The question is who can challenge these particular groups? A woman or Atticus himself?

Part one:

Rain drops heavily, clouds are gathering, winds are blowing. The first night when the Starks had set foot in Maycomb, the weather frightened the young girl. Surely, she does miss her home country. She came from a far land, green as jade, but separated from it’s other half. Her name is Visenya. She is 16 years old, migrated with her parents to Maycomb. Her parents name are Robert and Olenna Stark. They originate from the Northern Irish capital, Belfast. The rain slightly stopped and the Starks had arrived to their new home. Thus, Visenya started giving her first impression towards Maycomb.


“I suppose we shall call this home.”

Visenya talking to her father Robert on their first night arriving at Maycomb, along with her mother Olenna. Robert replied:

“Aye…, but You still cannot forget your…

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