Creative Minds And Their Influence On People 's Beliefs And Perceptions

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Creative minds tried to influence people’s beliefs and perceptions by appealing to primal emotions. Religion was therefore used as the primary pawn in their efforts to control the masses. This in turn transformed religion into a fuel which ultimately motivated people to act in sometimes, illogical ways. However, unlike their counterparts, authors of gothic literature hold up a mirror to this ‘brainwashed’ society, and present the unorthodox and unconventional views of the world their religion makes them believe. Essentially, gothic literature demonstrates how religion makes us act in unusual ways, how the supernatural influences human life, and how writers use religious symbols and motifs in their stories.

To begin, in gothic literature, the authors present an unorthodox and unconventional society where the behavior of people does not conform to a religion. For example, the society in “The Poisoner of Montremos”, use religion to control women, as they are viewed to be inferior leaving only the men with the power to decide everything for the women.( Baldick,7-11) Throughout the story, there was no such thing as a woman’s opinion. Moreover, writers show how religion is being represented by wicked people in the communities. For instance, in the Friar’s tale, Matilda, wishes to marry a poor man, however, she is judged by society as they do not approve her union to him. Consequently, her money is given to one of her nephews who is sleeping with a nun. This fact demonstrates…

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