Essay on Creative Labour, Cultural Work And Individualization

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Wow, I can’t believe the school year is over in less than a month. Graduation is so soon! Hope you’re all enjoying your placements as the year ends. My LSS was away last week so it was a quiet day at the office. I handed out postcards to a few passerby’s’ interested in the Network. I also answered phone inquires over (mostly about the Riverdale Art Walk application). Then I updated the media calendar with important dates/events, jotted down new Art Square Gallery submissions, tweeted a bit, and updated membership status data for the project coordinator of RAW. I determined if their membership was expired or active and added the expiry date for both. Non-members were excluded.

In the article, Creative Labour, Cultural work and Individualization, scholar Jim McGuigan urges policy-oriented researchers to focus greater critical attention on the labour process in the cultural field. According to Karl Marx, creative labour is alienated under capitalism (2015). A labourer’s work is automated, whereas the cultural worker imagines what he or she wishes to build. The factory worker is manufacturing a product designed by the privileged few. Factories exploit migrant labour by paying them penny wages and then threaten to shut down and leave elsewhere if they strike back. Since U.S labour and location is expensive, it is much cheaper to go where wages are low, particularly n developing countries. We live in a neoliberal society where responsibility is primarily placed on the…

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