Creative Arts And Its Different Sub Strands Of Music, Drama, Dance And Visual Art

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Early childhood is a period of learning new social, physical, emotional, language and cognitive skills, which form the basis for all the subsequent learning of young children. Art is an important subject that proves helpful to enhance children’s skills in different areas. The different areas of creative art in the form of music, visual art, media art and dramatic art give children the opportunity to express their emotions, stimulate imagination, enhance communication and develop creativity. The following essay will highlight the detail of creative arts in early childhood education with its different sub strands of music, drama, dance and visual art. The essay will discuss the importance of creative arts in early childhood education to foster creativity and expression. Lastly, the essay will discuss the Reggio Emilia pedagogical approach, which can be used to support children’s sensory, intellectual and aesthetic development and creative expression.

Creativity is an important aspect in humans, which make them different from other species. However, there is no set definition of creativity, most of the theorists have some common components. Sharp proposes the common components of creativity are “imagination, originality, productivity, problem solving and the ability to produce an outcome of value and worth” (2004). In simple words creativity is an expression of one’s imagination, which he/she can’t express in words. It is an expression of the abstract ideas without language…

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