Creationism vs. Evolution Essay

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Creationism VS. Evolution “Why evolution should be taught in public schools” by Laura H. Kahn discusses how evolution being taught in the public school system is essential to our future in science and medicine. Kahn discusses how the theory of evolution has come to be over the many years of research and experimentation by many famous scientists, she also talks about the uphill battle it has been for the theory of evolution to be taught in the public school system because “certain segments of society insist that religious doctrine, masquerading as science, be taught instead. Laura presents her audience with the facts that in the nineteenth century theory of spontaneous generation, the theory that proposed that life could emerge from …show more content…
However proponents of spontaneous generation in other countries continued to attack his findings. Kahn states that creationism is the belief that a deity created the heavens, earth, and all its living creatures, but is solely based on belief and not observation. Creationism has always had a constant battle against Darwin’s theory of evolution, which has generated quit a bit of controversy because it threatens the religious doctrine. Kahn argues that creationism is wrong because to develop a scientific theory requires one to conduct experiments, collect data, and come up with a hypothesis to explain a certain natural phenomena. Which is exactly what Darwin did over five years on his trip around the world on the HMS Beagle. She states “creationism insists that it’s as scientific theory and that evolution doesn’t explain certain things such as the development of multi-celled organisms from single-celled organisms. Kahn believes this is false because there is documentation of scientific evidence provided at all, just statements of gaps in the evolutionary theory. The author argues that there is considerable proof in fossil records, genetic code, and in rapidly evolving microbes. She also argues that there are extensive experimental results of thousands of years of

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