Creationism Is The Leading Theory Of Life Essay example

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Since the early 5th century BC, creationism was the leading theory of life in many presocratic European and colonial nations. Today, though millions of people still believe in it, creationism has been a banned subject in public schools since the late 20th century, largely due to controversial debates such as the battle between creationism and free thought in the 1926 Scopes “Monkey Trial”, with the defendant John Thomas Scopes against the state of Tennessee. Evolution and religion were put to the ultimate test during this trial as the court was subject to realizing potential errors in the Holy Bible. In contemporary times, creationism and evolution have been combined to form a hybrid theory of life: intelligent design. Creationism, evolution, and intelligent design are three different theories of life and man’s existence that are widely studied and discussed to this day. Evolution is the process by which all species of organisms are thought to have developed over a course of billions of years and through a constant competition for resources among members of a population. The theory states that all organisms derive from a single common ancestor. The theory of evolution was formulated by Charles Darwin in the 19th century, and it still remains as one of the most tested and studied theories for scientific development all over the world. Today, it is universally taught at public schools as the most commonly accepted and objective theory for mankind’s existence. Since it was…

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