Creationism : Creationism And Creationism Essay

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Creationism and evolution has sparked a huge controversy in the United States. The debate between creationism and evolution raised the question of what is morally right to teach at public schools in the United States. Creationism is the belief that humans have been made by a creator. In contrast, evolutionism is the theorization of a process where organisms develop into more diverse forms. Through these opposing views, creationism can be identified with religious whereas evolution appeals more to the scientific world. The Scopes Trial is an example of whether or not Southern U.S. schools can teach evolution to children at the expense of tradition presentations of biblically-based creationism. There is also a history behind how creationism and evolution first became controversial in the United States, such as John Thomas Scopes in the Monkey Trials. This debate is also happening in the present day in South Carolina and Texas as well. Religion and science have always been two ideas that are constantly opposing each other, but as we gain better understanding within the field of science, people begin to drift away from traditional values and more towards the intellectual one. The debate is still fueled between the two theories and as creationists and evolutionists gain more understanding on their field, the debate continues as a never ending argument.
The earliest controversy of creationism and evolution first started in 1925 when a high school teacher from Tennessee taught…

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