Creation Vs. Creation: Creation Vs. Evolution?

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Creation vs. Evolution Creation vs. Evolution has been the topic of discussion for many years. From researchers, to scientists, to history teachers, it always seem to appear in a study. What is creation? What is evolution? Creation is the process of bringing something into existence, however, evolution is a change overtime and deals with natural selection. Creation is a term that can used in many aspects, but evolution is normally used scientifically or historically. So what is most presumed, creation or evolution? Since many people believe that everything has to have a scientific explanation, evolution would win in this case by those believers. However, one may believe in creation because of the book of Genesis, which is the first book in the Bible. Genesis is the first book of the Bible because it simply means “beginning.” This book tells us the beginning of the world and how all life was created. Genesis 1:1 states, “In the beginning God created heaven …show more content…
The term creation originated at the beginning of the world. Evolution, on the other hand, originated in the early seventeenth century. If humans existed millenniums before the seventeenth century, how is it possible for them to have evolved from monkeys, if it did not exist? Some might argue that scientists have went back to explain the evolution process, but there was no use. If there are documents (The Bible) that were created before the term evolution originated, saying humans were CREATED, why make the attempt to revise history. History is the branch of knowledge dealing with past events. Therefore, it is not the record of past events after being revised by scientists. Some might even say the Bible was revised, but according to “Bible Questions Answered” copies of the Bible dating to the fourteenth century A.D. are nearly identical in content to copies from the third century

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