Creation Myths : Humanity 's Story Essay

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Creation Myths: Humanity’s Story
When humans are faced with the unknown, what do they do? They create myths about this mystery. A very popular type of myth created by humans is a creation myth, or a myth about how the world came to be. There are many different creation myths from all around the world; each with different plots. When looked at closely, there are a noticeable amount of similarities between them. One major similarity is humanity; the beginning of it, its fall, and how it is supposed to end. Both the Egyptian and Christian creation myths are great examples that even though creation myths are different in scenarios, they can have common themes.
In order for humankind to exist, it had to begin. The beginning of mankind is a major theme in creation myths. Both the Egyptian and the Christian myths explain the creation of mankind differently. In one mankind is from the earth, and in the other mankind is created from tears. In the Bible, God created the earth and everything in it this includes man. The Bible states that man was first created from dust and a breath of life given to him by God (Genesis). Woman was created from this man, and together they lived on the earth separated from God. From then on Humanity in this myth has lived separate from its creator. In The Egyptian Myth, there is a creation of man, but it is explained differently.
In the myth of the Egyptians, the god of the sun, Ra (also spelled Re), created everything. “Ra was the creator of heaven and…

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