Essay on Creation Museum Uses Evolutionary Icon For Advertisement

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Creation Museum Uses Evolutionary Icon for Advertisement
The Tyrannosaurus Rex roars with its mouth opened wide, gaping teeth glaring in the sun as the earth trembles under the animal’s mighty leaps towards its prey. The massive claws are open and exposed, ready to tear and slice its meat in this advertisement by Creation Museum. It appears as if the dinosaur is about to step out of the billboard and onto the busy freeways of Houston, Texas, freeways on which over 100,000 vehicles travel in a twenty-four hour period (TX DoT). In Dallas, Texas, on a similarly traveled road, another spectacle is presented (TX DoT). This time, it is a Triceratops, head down and horns set. The ground trembles under its feet as it prepares to stampede out of the billboard and down the busy freeways. Every aspect of the advertisement depicts its mighty strength and muscular power. Both advertisements are similar; both use an evolutionary icon to draw attention to Creation Museum, an organization with a decidedly anti-evolution stance.
The museum, which the dinosaurs point us to, resides in northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio. Perhaps the largest and most successful creationist museum, Creation Museum has long been known to tread on new grounds. It has frequently attempted to use non-traditional means to garner attention and spread the ideology of creation, the latest of which are dinosaur-depicting advertisements on billboards across the country. Creation Museum has converted a…

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