Essay on Creating Urban Planning For An Environment

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The car makes a sharp turn into the mass of greenery, greeting an image torn right off the pages of a fiction novel. Fairytale houses are woven within the trees, dappled sunlight tinting their roofs, and a dirt trail winds down to a dreamy fishing pond and a farm populated with llamas, donkeys, rabbits, and sheep. The air tastes crisp. The warm sun draws families out: parents chat with neighbors over ice tea as their children bounce along the community trampoline, and an aged couple saunters along the sidewalk, pulled onward by their two corgis. In a modern world where adults and children alike suffer from a lack of exposure to nature, Serenbe is a successful experiment of what a healthy and social community should be. With urban and rural elements, Serenbe’s biophilic designs should be incorporated into urban planning for an environment that promotes a sense of community and awareness to the world. As the New York Times defines it, Serenbe is “a utopian experiment in New Urbanism being molded out of red Georgia clay, about 30 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta” (Sack). The community started on a whim 25 years ago when the founder, Steve Nygren, purchased 60 acres of rural land, which soon developed into 900 acres in 2000. After noticing bulldozers adjacent to his farmland, Nygren feared that urban sprawl would consume this peaceful environment, and thus, with over 500 neighboring landowners, mandated that 80% of the 40,000-acre Chattahoochee Hill Country region must be…

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