A Bug's Life Film Analysis

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Have you ever felt like all odds were against you including your friends and family? Flik the main character in the movie A Bug's Life was striving to please his colony. However, no matter what he did the outcome was mostly negative. Until Flik made a trip to the city where he met some circus bugs who helped him and his colony gain freedom from the grasshoppers. Linda Seger the author of the essay “Creating the Myth” explains the Hero Myth. The Hero Myth is a basic story structure that many movies follow. Flik’s adventure is a great example that follows the hero myth phases. A hero's journey must always first begin with the hero’s introduction. Seger states that the introduction stage is where, “the hero is introduced in ordinary surroundings, …show more content…
In Seger’s words, “the help often comes from unusual sources” (2). For Flik this is very much true; he is in search for warrior bugs. However, the bugs he comes across are actually circus bugs. Fliks helpers are the bugs that he met in the city they include: Heimlich, Slim, Frances, Gypsy, Manny, Dim, and Rosie. The circus bugs help Flik save Dot when she is attacked by the bird this event helps the colony of ants regain their trust in Flik. The circus bugs also help the ants build the bird to scare the grasshoppers away. Near the end, they help Flik gain the confidence he needs to be able to stand up to the grasshoppers. Without them, that would not have been possible. The circus bugs teach Flik to have courage. Dot is also an important helper she is the only one who never gives up on Flick. She keeps believing in him even when the rest of the colony has given up on him. When Flik was getting ready to leave for the city the other ants thought that Flik would not make it back from the city but Dot stood up for him. The helpers that Flik receives is unique. He was in search of fierce bugs and he ended up with circus bugs that greatly helped him reach his

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