Creating Shared Value : A Company 's Success And Social Growth

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The article, “Creating Shared Value” argues that a company’s success and social growth are interdependent, and seeks to directly address the effort of regaining trust in corporations and business in the modern age. The article postulates that there are three ways to create shared value: redefining commodities and markets, reconceiving productivity in the value system, and empowering local cluster growth. The authors also argue that the creation of shared value is fundamental to business strategy and that it is neither philanthropy nor corporate social responsibility. In my opinion, it is an important study that places social goals to strategic levels, and seeks to regain trust for businesses of the current age. This essay will review this article by starting out with background information that will place the article in context. The essay will then provide a summary of the article and discuss the main points raised. Finally, the essay will evaluate the article’s strengths and weaknesses and thereafter conclude the review.
Background Information In 2011, the year the article was published, trust in companies and businesses were deteriorating. Businesses were viewed as prospering at the expense of the larger community. Corporate social responsibility was not causing real change. In light of this, the article inspired a global movement to redefine the role of business in the society by presenting a single but powerful suggestion: that a business’s success and…

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