Creating Safe Schools Essay

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Creating Safe Schools and Classrooms

What did I learn? The Creating Safe Schools and Classrooms video is a packed full of helpful information that will help ready teachers in case of an emergency situation. The video states “teachers by their actions or inactions have a direct influence on the educational climate of an individual classroom and the overall school climate that extends beyond the classroom”. This statement really made me think of all the ways I will influence my classroom and it is so important that during a time of crisis I am prepared and remain calm. One way to prepare myself for an emergency situation is to familiarize myself with guidelines on the federal, state, and district levels. My classroom will always need a copy of emergency plans and evacuation routes as well as know where emergency equipment such as cameras, fire extinguishers, communication devices, and etc. It is very important I get acquainted with the school resource officer and maintain important contact numbers in the event emergency personnel needs to be contacted.
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I intend on readying myself and students for a crisis by ensuring we know what to do in certain situations. We will practice drills such as fire, tornado, earthquake, lockdown, and intruder drills as well as familiarize ourselves with areas in the classroom that could be potentially dangerous. I will make sure to keep all important policies and guidelines readily accessible to myself as well as substitute teachers. Drill routines and evacuation plans will be posted in my room for easy access and emergency kits will be located in safe location within my room in the event of a medical emergency. Also, I will be sure to keep a list posted of emergency numbers such as the school nurse, school resource officer, administration, counselors, 911, and other pertinent contact numbers. This will allow easy access to these numbers in the event a crisis were to

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