Creating Efficient And Effective Work Environments Essay

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Creating Efficient and Effective Work Environments
In order to work efficiently and effectively, management sets goals, objectives, and strategies to accomplish these tasks. Once established, management must then find a way to structure an organization which will allow optimal achievement of these goals. (Coulter, Decenzo, & Robbins, 2015). Utilizing the six key components in organizational design, managers can achieve an efficient and effective work environment. Likewise, innovative approaches such as PfizerWorks produces more productive employees by outsourcing mundane tasks to third party vendors (Coulter et al., 2015).
The Innovative Approach of PfizerWorks Pfizer, one of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies, created PfizerWorks as a way to eliminate mundane tasks for their highly skilled employees (Miller & Wedell-Wedellsborg, 2013). The company found that outsourcing these tasks to Indian-based companies, Pfizer employees have more time to focus on knowledge work rather than support work (Coulter et al., 2015). Coulter et al. (2015) explains that the organization found that the knowledge work, or the strategic parts of the job, would create a more efficient and effective work environment than spending large amounts of time on support tasks such as creating slideshows, creating notes, and doing research.
Six Organizational Design Elements By segmenting organizational structure into six areas, a more effective and efficient can be achieved.…

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