Creating Competitive Advantage At The Executive Level Essay example

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Creating Competitive Advantage at the Executive Level
Peter F. Drucker stated, “Leadership has typically been regarded as the purview of the one person who is “in charge,” while the rest are simply followers—what is termed vertical or hierarchical leadership. Having said that, recent research indicates that leadership can move to the person with the key knowledge, skills, and abilities for the tasks facing any particular group at any given moment—what is termed shared leadership”. (Yamawaki, Maciariello, Pearce, 2010, p. 36) Human Resources continue to embed their way into executive leadership through shared leadership. Human Resources has progressed from merely an administrative role to a strategic function in recent years. They are contributing more and more at the table on an executive level. They act as strategic business partners by adding to the strategic directions and successful progress of the organization. HR works to devise and implement strategies. (Mathis, Jackson, Tripathy, 2008) In this modern age that is inundated with negative news reports and rising organizational crisis, leadership development is recognized as a key component in human resource development on a global level. (Thakadpuram, 2010) Since labor and knowledge are the most valuable assets in an organization, the human resources department’s responsibilities should not be passed down to departments that are not responsible for strategic decision making and who aren’t involved with…

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