Essay on Creating An Irresistible Facebook Business

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6 Surefire Ways To Create An Irresistible Facebook Business Page

936 million active users login to Facebook on a daily basis.

11 Million people use Facebook every 18 minutes and users typically spend 21 minutes per day on the platform.

If you aren’t using Facebook yet for your business, stats like these hopefully make you ask

“I am missing out?”

The answer is yes. Having a business presence on Facebook is a crucial these days. Over 50% of adults in Canada are now on Facebook and are logging in everyday, so getting your brand in front of all those eyeballs could be very beneficial to your business even if you only market to a smaller local audience such as Edmonton.

Putting up your own Facebook page and use it to market your brand can be a much cheaper, easier and more dynamic way to market your business compared to other more traditional forms of advertising such as print or video ads but it can potentially reach more people.

Your facebook page should be an extension of your website in reflecting your brand.

There are few important elements that need to be paid attention to when it comes to creating an engaging Facebook page. Here are 5 steps that will help.

Step 1: Have a great cover photo

Having a great cover photo is essential. It is the focal point of your Facebook page and should say a lot about your brand while remembering that it will be the first thing that gets noticed by users when they visit your page.

There only real guideline set by Facebook when it…

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