Creating A Voice Narrated Powerpoint Essay

1770 Words Nov 14th, 2015 8 Pages

This report provides step-by-step instructions for eighth grade students on how to create a voice narrated PowerPoint with automatically advancing slides for Windows users.

Creating a PowerPoint is a computer process in which the user uses the Microsoft Word PowerPoint feature to create a presentation.

Knowing how to create a PowerPoint presentation with voice narrated and automatically advancing slides is a beneficial process to know as a student. Creating PowerPoint presentations is a process students will go through throughout the course of their schooling, and they may possibly use this process after schooling depending on their career. Using PowerPoint is helpful for both the presenter and the person viewing the presentation. Presentations provide a way for people, who identify as visual learners, or people who prefer viewing images and viewing words, as well as audio learners, people who prefer hearing discussions, a more effective way to learn. According to Wendy Corbett, who is certified in designing learning, “When you use both words and pictures, you are actively engaging both working and long-term memory” (Corbett, 2015, p.66). Using learning or teaching tools that provide both discussion and a visual allows the viewers to actively use their memory, which will in turn aid in the viewer remembering what the presentation was about. As a presenter, using PowerPoint presentations allows for more effective learning and better understanding of what the…

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