Creating A Successful Learning Environment Essay

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Behavior Management
There is often one student in a class that will be require more redirecting than other students. In this scenario, it is a girl that is unable to control the urge to talk. Not to other students, but rather to the teacher during the instructions, lecturing, and class discussions. This young lady will often talk out of turn, will not wait to be called on, and will interrupt other students who are talking to the class or answering the teacher’s question or listening to their feedback. This distraction not only pulls the teacher off, but also the other students. Not only does it make it hard for the teacher to hear what other students are saying, but makes it impossible at times for the other students to hear what is teacher is saying when one student is constantly talking over others. Introduction The key element in establishing a successful learning environment is classroom management. Classroom management is affected by the students’ behavior within the classroom. One student can disrupt the entire class from learning. Using the above scenario the behavior management approach I believe will work best for this scenario is the Inner Discipline by Barbara Colorsos. Barbara Colorsos believes classrooms are the ideal place to learn an inner sense of responsibility and self-control, and teachers are in an ideal position to help (Charles, 2014). Learning self-control and responsibility will enable the student to take charge of themselves while…

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