Creating A Student 's Motivation Essay

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In Dweck 's article, “Transforming student’s motivation to learn” she describes how different people have different types of mindsets. There are two type of mindsets, fixed mindset and growth mindset. Fixed mindset think they are limited to what they can do and they always pretend to look good. They work under the limits and they never think outside the box. Growth mindset is what people think about themselves or what they are capable of doing. They see themselves as smart or hard worker . They believe in dedication and hard work rather than their brain and talent. They also believe that by working hard they can learn more quickly, they see challenges as opportunities to improve themselves. For many people intelligence is fixed but we are the ones who have to change our minds and see struggle as a part of learning.

To change our minds from fixed to growth you have to get out of your comfort zone. In the beginning you may struggle but later you will find it interesting. You may also get frustrated very easily and starts ignoring feedbacks and that 's normal in the beginning because it 's hard for your brain to work the way it never did. Always be ready to do what you are given to do and don 't be scared of anything. Dweck says, “It is the belief that intelligence can be developed that opens students to a love of learning, a belief in the power of effort and constructive, determined reactions to setbacks” (1). Believe in yourself and embrace challenges. Accept challenges on…

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