Creating A Safe And Open Communications Environment Essay

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Creative Communications in the Classroom Communications in the classroom are very important for teaching and learning. Creating a safe and open communications environment will be one of the difficulties facing a new teacher. Teachers can use effective communications to create a wonderful learning environment, an environment where students will want to be an active participant in their learning. I believe having a student centered classroom, which is where the teacher is the guide to the student learning; will be the first step in creating a safe and open communications environment. There are many great tools that teachers can use such as helping student develop their self-concept, teaching effective listening skills, and using non-verbal communications as well as verbal communications to encourage student to become involved in their own learning. First, teachers need to help student develop their self-concept skills. They should engage student in activities that help them to better understand themselves as a person but also as part of the classroom community. These activities will also give the teacher and fellow students an understanding of whom and what makes up that individual. Teachers need to help student discover their self-image or how do I see myself, self-esteem or how do I feel about who I am. It is our self-concept that directs how we communicate with others. One significate obstacle for students is self-fulfilling prophecy is because it is a major contributor…

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