Essay about Creating A Relationship With The Person Of Your Dreams

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Developing a relationship with the person of your dreams is supposed to be an exciting time. Like most situations, problems will occur and the couple will be faced with a dilemma; work through the problems or not. Directing attention to significant issues related to couples, these issues could be minor such as taking out the trash or substantial such as an affair. This assignment is aimed to have the student chose a specific issue associated with couples. As a growing issue and relevant topic, social media has begun to effect couples.
Literature review
Social media and couples In my opinion, social media can be viewed as the primary source to remain updated on the latest or breaking news in society, promote businesses, or virtually express love from person to person. David King (2015) reported 67% of Americans ages twelve and up uses a variation of social media. King also reported 57% of American adults have a Facebook account. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr are some of the current popular websites or applications used to communicate or network. More specifically, couples are able to post typed messages to one another, pictures, and events to acknowledge the relationship
Social Networking Sites (SNS) can be defined as web-based technology that allows one to 1.) design a public or semi-public profile or site in a secured system 2.) constitute a list of people who share common interest 3.) examine and roam their list and lists from other people (Boyd &…

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