Creating A Quality Care Index Essay

1955 Words Nov 21st, 2016 8 Pages
Research Questions and Hypothesis Creating a quality care index and comparing different units and hospitals results pertaining to their pressure ulcer and fall rates guided the study. It was hypothesized that a higher percentage of unit registered nurses with baccalaureate in nursing or higher degree, certified nurses in a specialty area, and registered nurse skill mix would be associated with higher Pressure Ulcer and Fall Rate composite scores. Among other hypotheses, was a higher percentage of unit patients at risk for hospital acquired pressure ulcer and higher unit restraint rate, will be linked to lower unit index scores.
The study included “Select unit-level nursing characteristics and processes known to be associated with nursing care quality were chosen from the NDNQI database for the Pressure Ulcer and Fall Rate Quality Composite Index validation process” (Boyle, Burman, 2013). In this study, the measurements were focused on pressure ulcer and fall risk rates based on different units and skill mixes. The conceptual definition would be the need for a holistic measuring of hospital acquired pressure ulcers and fall rates. It is a known nursing problem and it’s being linked to the framework comparing various units and health care workers. Operationally, it is measured by pressure ulcer and fall rate incidences recorded by the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators. It is unethical to experiment with pressure ulcers and falls with manipulations in…

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