Essay about Creating A New Form Of Creative Industries

2005 Words Dec 7th, 2016 9 Pages
Living in the 21st century today, society has evolved and developed into an immersive technological era. With this being said, numerous of media outlets have gained popularity and became more accessible to the world. The internet is an important component to understand any sorts of technology in today’s screen-crazed society. This paper will because focusing and analyzing YouTube, and the depth the media source entails. YouTube is extremely prominent as it allows moguls to thrive and succeed, and ultimately created the fundamental principles of moguls. Moguls are becoming more powerful figures to an abundance of viewers, as they hold the power and influence to persuade mass amounts of people through the mass media, such as the internet. The internet inhibits all different sources of information, as YouTube was fundamentally created to allow users to express themselves. This ultimately, transforms the “traditional model of marketing” (Richard et al. 2011) creating a new form of creative industries. This essay will identify and relate core course concepts, and expand the challenges “YouTubers” face; as a result compare and contrast the distinction between factual information distributed and directed from the capital monopolies and opinions from creativity of the users. The central arguments presented throughout this course paper are; utilizing creative industries to positively reflect YouTube as a media outlet, identify the term vloggers and their relation to YouTube, and…

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