Creating A Learning Environment Where Students Have Access The Social, Academic, And Emotional Support

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Creating a learning environment where students have access the social, academic, and emotional support they need requires dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. Progressive schools thrive on parent involvement, excellent classroom management techniques, and talented staff members. Administrators need to be set strong expectations, offer strong communication platforms, build relationships, provide resources and promote a culture of change to support their school.
If the goal of a school is to prepare students academically, teachers and administrators must set clear expectations for learning. Clear goals and objectives must be set for student performance and then assessed to measure academic learning. Parents, students and staff must also understand the students will be held accountable for reaching these goals. Teachers should use rigor in their lessons to work towards these targets. Administrators must also provide clear objectives for staff performance and follow up on these expectations. While it is important to hire quality staff, it is equally important to hold staff accountable to high standards to maintain excellence in school.
Communication is necessary for school success. Administrators share policies and updates to staff via meetings and email. Communication aids in ensuring accountability and helps ensure guarantee all parties are on the same page. When two-way communication is used, all stakeholders feel valued because their…

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