Essay on Creating A Film From The Storyboard

2289 Words Nov 21st, 2016 10 Pages
Creating a film from the storyboard up requires a wide variety of skilled workers. Everything from actors to make-up artists and even lighting specialists will be utilized; however, it’s easy to take one of the most important jobs for granted: the cinematographer. Although it may seem as simple as holding a camera, artfully combining clips, angles, and points of view to give a scene an identity is far from easy. Varied filming techniques throughout a movie are important so as not to generate feelings of boredom and simplicity (unless this is the goal). In addition, attempting to use a huge amount of vastly different methods can crowd a movie and give a sense of overwhelming confusion. As with any other job on set, cinematographers work closely with lighting, editing, and countless other professions to create a cohesive vision. A skilled cinematographer is one who brings these ideas together to craft a well-cut group of scenes that fit a movie and the characters within it. For my project, I will be working as the cinematographer on a movie called Bonding with Evil, a thriller based on a psychopathic student and his imagination that leads him to kill. My fascination with the idea of filming a movie to coincide with what I see in my mind comes from an inner need to have control, which is why working as a cinematographer is perfect for me – I am able to use the camera how I see fit. While music and color are the obvious factors that influence the overall mood of a…

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