Creating A Diversity Training Program Essay

1134 Words Nov 6th, 2015 null Page
When it comes to a training program it is important that every important aspect of it is being acknowledged by our employees to have everyone on the same page. Especially, diversity being one of the main topics that are needed to be talked about in order to continue to have a clear understanding, non-discriminatory working environment where each and every employee can feel safe and be able to do their jobs. As manager of this organization I will be providing an overview on a training program that is going to be mostly revolving around diversity as well as an inclusion for our organization’s first line supervisors. Creating a diversity training program for this organization it definitely focuses a lot on our team and the needs that are needed in order to continue to do our jobs. As well as coming up with different materials that will end up reflecting on the training requirements as well as coming up with different workshops that would put our employees to deal with more presentations that would lead higher positions including managers and supervisors to be able to evaluating our employees efforts. This diversity training program is being created to promote diversity in a positive manner which at the end be an advantage for our company when dealing with employee and their retention rates, as well as improving over all employees morals as well as recruiting when it is time to hire.
My overview towards this diversity training program will start off by looking for answers from…

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