Creating A Diverse Environment For Students Essay

1210 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 null Page
Academic institutions in the past few years have been really creating a diverse environment for their students. More institutions are accepting students that are from other countries and who wouldn’t normally fit the criteria for that school. With the school also showing that it is more diverse than others more students will be attracted to it because they want to submerge themselves in diversity for learning purposes. When a student is first looking at a college they are looking at what that certain college has to offer such as programs and clubs. The more a student likes the school the more they look at what type of atmosphere the school has and what the students are like. Students are looking for a culturally diverse environment that they could learn and study in. Students want to get the most out of their education and by submerging themselves in one that is diverse they are more likely to learn more than just what is being taught in the classroom. Having a professor that is diverse is like have multiple professors at the same time. They are going to be able to teach you more than a regular professor because they have a background that others do not have. Studies have shown that the more students work in diverse situations the more that they retain information and the more that they learn (and S.). The same study also found that when students worked in pairs rather than on their own they did better at understanding the material that was given (and S.). In…

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